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The overwhelming scientific evidence points to the need for a fundamental change in the way people and organisations use the world’s resources. Our commitment to follow the values of the Gospel and of the Sisters of Mercy leads us to embrace environmental responsibility as an integral part of how we operate.

Since 2007 we have measured our environmental impact and tried to minimise any negative environmental consequences from the way we provide services to the aged, people with disabilities, individuals and families affected by drug/alcohol abuse, and the socially disadvantaged.














Sustainability Advantage



In 2010 Mercy Services became a member of the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program. The Sustainability Advantage Program helps organisations understand sustainability and strengthen their environmental performance. The Program is a business support service from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). Mercy Services is committed to strengthen its environmental performance through collaboration with OEH. This collaboration has enabled Mercy Services to assess and address its sustainability issues through completion of the following Sustainability Advantage modules:

Vision, Commitment and Planning

Staff Engagement

Resource Efficiency

Supply Chain

Carbon Management

Environmental Resources


Environmental Calendar

Environmental Responsibility Fund

Mercy Services established an Environmental Responsibility Fund for donations specifically to help us buy the equipment and services needed to reduce our impact on the environment.

This fund has raised $3,990 so far. You might want to click here for more information or to make a contribution towards our environmental initiatives.