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Mercy Services provides community and in-home support across various parts of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Lower Hunter region of NSW, Australia to:

  • • older people;
  • • people with disabilities;
  • • people affected by drug and alcohol abuse;
  • • the socially disadvantaged; and
  • • families

The Mission Statement of Mercy Services is: to provide holistic, proactive and inclusive service, in the spirit of our foundress, Catherine McAuley, to all those we support and work with, both in the community and in a residential setting. In all our work we strive to provide compassionate, respectful, high quality and environmentally sustainable practices.

Within all aspects of our Service we remain committed to the core values of Justice, Respect, Service, Care and Unity and endeavour to translate these into daily actions.

Mercy Services is a company limited by guarantee, being solely owned by the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia & Papua New Guinea. A Board of Directors is appointed by the Sisters of Mercy to oversee company governance. A Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Board of Directors for the overall management of Mercy Services.

The Sisters of Mercy established Mercy Services in 1976 (as Mercy Community Care Service) to provide nursing and care services in people’s homes. The service incorporated as a ‘not for profit’ company in December 2000 when it joined with McAuley Alcohol and Other Drug Programs to become Mercy Community Services.

In September 2012, the Sisters of Mercy, after recommendation from the Board of Directors, changed the name of the company to Mercy Services. This change was to reflect the broader nature of the organisation as a result of the incorporation of the Sister’s other local company, Mercy Aged Care Services Singleton (residential aged care) with Mercy Services.

In recent times, Mercy Services has accepted requests from a number of smaller local organisations wanting us to own and manage them. The addition of these organisations has generally expanded the geographic areas where we provide existing services.

Mercy Services has around 200 staff across the following services:

  • • Residential Aged Care (Singleton)
  • • Home Care Packages
  • • Community Nursing
  • • Community Transport
  • • Day Centre
  • • Domestic Assistance
  • • Food Services
  • • Home Maintenance
  • • Linen Service
  • • National Disability Insurance Scheme services
  • • Neighbour Aid/Social Support (including Dementia Monitoring)
  • • Newcastle Elderly Citizen’s Centre
  • • Personal Care
  • • Family, Alcohol & Other Drugs Services
  • • Brighton House
  • • Holyoake
  • • McAuley Community Housing
  • • McAuley Outreach Service
  • • McAuley Parenting Program (Brighter Futures)

These services are funded by a number of Government Departments.


More information on our services is available from:



Our logo has tlogo copywo key features: the Mercy Cross and a number of squares of different colours and different sizes.

The Mercy Cross makes clear that we work in partnership with the Sisters of Mercy continuing the work that they began. The Mercy Cross is a contemporary design of the cross used by Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. It is a cross without Jesus’ body as she wanted to remind the Sisters that they were continuing the self-giving of Jesus in their work.

The logo’s background of different sized and coloured squares symbolises our celebration of the diversity of our: (1) various programs; (2) staff from many backgrounds; and (3) clients who have varied needs, lifestyles & goals.




More information on the Sisters of Mercy is available from: http://institute.mercy.org.au/