October 2016 newsletter

The lead story in our october-2016-newsletter is the great work of Glen and Lorraine and the residents of our Brighton House for men and Bronte House for women.  


We love our Knit Wits

This is Marion one of our Elderly Citizen’s Centre “knit witts”. We have a box of wool and knitting needles for anybody to come into the centre and sit and knit, our ladies have created 3 gorgeous rugs which we use as raffle prizes for the centre. The rugs are so special, they may not…


RUOK Day 8th Sept 2016

R U OK? Day – 8 September 2016 R U OK? Day is a great opportunity for us to commit to invite others to share how they feel. Asking the question is step one. We then need to be prepared to give the person time to respond in their own way/time without interrupting with ready answers or by…


August 2016 newsletter

The fantastic painting job at our Union St site is the lead article in our: August 2016 newsletter                                                


June 2016 newsletter

  In June 2016 newsletter you can read about Denise, the winner of a $100 gift voucher from the draw of people who completed our client satisfaction survey. It is great when people “who never win anything” have their time as a winner.