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Our Community Housing Program provides short to medium term (six months – two years) accommodation.



Low income families who have been affected by substance abuse, and who have demonstrated the ability to live alcohol and drug free and who otherwise are unable to obtain suitable housing through another agency.

Priority is given to single parent families & families with special needs.



  • Demonstrated ability to live drug & alcohol free for a significant period (at least six months) preferably undertaking a rehabilitation program previously, with the motivation to help him/herself become a functional member of society.
  • Agreeing, as a condition of tenancy, to actively participate in AOD support, actively seek permanent accommodation and be prepared to undergo random urinalysis to verify your drug-free life.
  • Acquired sufficient skills to care for his/her children and maintain acceptable standards of cleanliness and hygiene, with the capacity to pay rent and look after the premises.



Public Housing rates.



At present, we have five houses across Newcastle/Lake Macquarie.



Phone: (02) 4961 2686