For any teams required to don and doff PPE to provide care, the following video will be a great refresher on the required technique.

Donning and Doffing from Mercy Services on Vimeo.

Staff Update 1 March 2022

Effective today (Tuesday, 1 March 2022) the NSW Public Health Order for Care Services now includes the third COVID-19 vaccination/booster as mandatory for all employees working in Aged Care. This is across Residential Aged Care Facilities as well as in Home and Community Aged Care.

The Health Order states that workers must have had their third/booster dose by no later than:

  • Tuesday, 12 April 2022; or
  • 6-weeks from the due date of the person’s third dose, with the due date being 13-weeks after the person receives the second dose.

New workers can commence employment with only two doses. However, they must receive their third dose within 6 weeks of their due date in order to continue working.

Accordingly it is now critical that you provide us with your COVID-19 vaccination details if you have not already done so. This is particularly so for the records showing when you received your second dose of the vaccine and your third/booster dose (if you have already had it). These records can be sent through to [email protected]

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to your direct supervisor in the first instance.

The Health Order can be viewed at


Lastly and once again, thank you for all that you do each day to care for the people Mercy Services supports.

Remember to ensure you change your surgical mask every 4 hours at the most, or sooner if it becomes contaminated or wet.

Resume* (.PDF only Drop file here or click to upload.)

For a list of exposure sites in our region, please click here.

For the COVID-19 (Delta) FAQs please click here.

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